Guide to Flat Fee Recruitment

What is Flat Fee Recruitment?

Flat Fee recruitment is a low cost (Budget) online recruitment service that is an alternative to traditional recruitment methods and is seen as a way of companies reducing their cost per hire. Over the past few years online recruitment has grown considerably due to its speed to market, flexibility, reduced cost per hire and ability to reach the right audience.

With recent surveys claiming 8 out of 10 people now use the internet to view, search and apply for jobs online, an effective flat fee recruitment service can bring major benefits to any company looking to recruit.

Flat fee recruitment uses a combination of web advertising, CV searching, screening and filtering to provide employers with a pool of relevant and quality candidates. The solution is designed to be a highly cost effective option reducing the employers cost per hire, reduced administration and time spent on writing a job advert and screening CVs for suitability.

Whilst there are advantages and disadvantages for all recruiting methods, the introduction of flat fee recruitment into the UK Jobs market has helped to bridge the gap between online media and corporate companies; some see it as the best of both traditional recruitment and other recruitment methods.

How does Flat Fee Recruitment work?

Flat fee recruitment is the term attached to when a company like Budget Recruit advertise a job vacancy across an agreed network of online job boards. It can include a variety of additional services depending on your budget and need including advert writing, response filtering, response interviewing. Most flat fee recruitment services utilise their own brand to advertise your vacancy but here at Budget Recruit we believe you should be promoting your job vacancy under your own brand as this improves your employer brand awareness and increases both quantity and quality of response.

Why does Flat Fee Recruitment work?

  1. 8 out of 10 job seekers are looking online
  2. When you factor in the number of people who have internet access at work or on their phone, pretty much everyone is online and internet access and availability is forecast to rise further in 2012.
  3. No Job board loyalty, job seekers use on average 3 job boards when looking for a new role
  4. Its easy for jobseekers to search for relevant jobs online
  5. Its simple for jobseekers to apply for relevant jobs
  6. A well written and optimised advert posted online (written by Budget recruit experts) gets great traffic
  7. Your advert is posted live on at least the 5 leading job boards giving access to millions of jobseekers instantly
  8. Job Boards spend millions on promoting their sites to attract new and passive job seekers
  9. Quick response with CVs in your inbox in hours
  10. Filtered response from the Budget recruit team
  11. Huge savings in time and money against using an agency

What type of vacancy / sector can Flat Fee Recruitment work for?

Anything is the answer! The internet job boards cover every industry, attracting candidates from their first step on the career ladder, to very experienced senior managers across all disciplines.

Any job, any location, any salary and you can attract great talented individuals quickly and cost effectively.

The more senior the vacancy and the more niche the role then the lower the % chance of hire but this is down to a reduced talent pool and the cost savings increase significantly.

The most successful companies will advertise every role they have as even hiring 1 in 10 (which is way below Budget Recruit’s average) leads to cost savings over using an agency.


To find out more about how Budget Recruit can help you attract and recruit the right talent then have a look at our products and pricing or get in touch.

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