Guide to Job Boards

Why are job boards so effective?

The number one method jobseekers use to look for a new job is to use an internet search engine. Google being the most popular, although others are available such as Bing and Yahoo.

Jobseekers input their search and are shown the most relevant results. The most searched terms include jobs, vacancies and then variations of job roles and locations.

The results of these searches vary every time as it depends on how Google views the site regarding its relevance to the search term and sponsored links for this search term. This directly correlates to a company’s budget as it takes time and money to optimise a site and money to sponsor search terms. Therefore the most optimised sites and the ones with the sponsored links are the companies with the largest budgets. These are currently the leading national job boards.

The Top 6 national job boards in the UK are Total Jobs, Monster, CV library, Jobsite, Reed and Fish4. They all advertise online as well as offline using TV, Radio and publications. Most of these are household brands known to everyone, for example Max Beesley is the face of Jobsite and can often be seen promoting their brand in between showings of Scrubs on E4.

Types of job boards

Job sites and job boards are websites that advertise large numbers of job vacancies from many different recruitment agencies and employers and fall into 3 main categories:

  1. ‘Generalist’ or ‘generic’ job sites advertise jobs across a wide range of job types and industry sectors. Well-known generalist job sites are Jobsite, Reed, Monster, Fish4, CV Library
  2. ‘Specialist’ or ‘niche’ job sites usually focus on particular job type, industry sector or location. For example Audit jobs focuses on audit jobs across many industry sectors and locations; Caterer covers many different jobs but focusses on the catering and hospitality sectors. Mymanchesterjobs covers all jobs and all sectors, but focusses on the London area.
  3. Aggregators – These are job boards which accumulate jobs from various job boards and recruitment agencies. You can’t pay to put your jobs on these directly but by advertising on a job board they go onto these, including sites such as workhound and jobrapido

Jobseekers – ease of application

For job seekers, job sites make searching for jobs much easier. Rather than having to trawl hundreds of employer websites, job seekers can find lots of vacancies in one place. Job boards also provide daily emails of new jobs, up-to-the-minute RSS feeds of new opportunities and they are all fully searchable by postcode and keyword whilst also narrowing down a search through industry, sector, permanent, part time, salary banding, type of employer.

How to make the job board work for you?

To get the most from a job board you need to ensure you are thinking from a jobseekers perspective, “what’s in it for me” and then ensure your advert is engaging, tells the story and highlights the reasons they would want to work for your company in that role and the benefits of this.

It’s essential to have the right job title for the type of person you are looking for; an account manager is a universal term so because you call it a client services specialist internally doesn’t mean that the jobseeker knows to search for that term. The experts here at Budget Recruit will work with you to transform your Job description into a compelling and accurate job advert.


Job boards are big business and invest millions in both capturing and keeping job seekers using their sites. By advertising your vacancy across a group of the leading boards your vacancy and employer brand is seen by thousands of active and passive jobseekers who are both using the sites or have signed up for job alerts.

It is a really cost effective way of attracting and recruiting the right individual for your business at a fraction of the price of an agency and by partnering with Budget Recruit we can share all our expertise in ensuring you get the maximum return for your recruitment £.

To find out more about how Budget Recruit can help you attract and recruit the right talent then have a look at our products and pricing or get in touch.

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