Guide to Online Recruitment

What is online recruitment?

Online recruitment has many names: e-recruitment, virtual recruitment, online candidate attraction, web 2.0 recruitment or web-based recruitment. It can be defined as the use of online technology to attract candidates and aid the recruitment process. What this usually means is the use of a company’s own website, a third-party job site or job board, a CV database, search engine marketing or social media to attract people and ultimately fill the role.

Why online recruitment?

Online recruitment is a fairly modern approach to attracting and recruiting candidates to a job or brand. It is the method that has been used by Recruitment Agencies for the last decade but is an ever changing marketplace with new innovations, techniques, job boards and approaches appearing all the time which can make it a tricky arena to navigate. It is the biggest growth area in recruitment and direct employers big and small have been realising the benefits.

The main benefits are:

  1. Being able to access a larger talent pool quicker
  2. Control the job advert being used
  3. Promote your own employer brand
  4. Keeping control of your employer brand
  5. Reduce your costs
  6. Track candidates and streamline your recruitment process

Why Online Recruitment has developed?

Online recruitment had grown rapidly for a number of reasons, 2 key reasons have been technology and consumer behavior which is in direct correlation with the growth of online shopping. Companies have the ability to present their products or vacancies very easily, quickly and cost effectively online both on their own websites and careers sites but also on other mediums such as ebay, amazon or jobsite and totaljobs.

The internet has allowed companies to access large talent pools of jobseekers and potential talent quicker and cheaper than ever before making it a more cost effective option than the traditional newspaper or publication advert and reducing the need for using agencies.

Types of online recruitment

There are thousands of different ways to recruit online but the easiest way to understand some of the most effective is to look at the behaviour of job seekers.

Google – The majority of job seekers use an internet search engine such as Google (others are available Bing, yahoo etc.) They will type in a search such as sales jobs in Manchester and the most relevant results will appear just underneath those that have sponsored this search term and paid for their results to be top. Inevitably the largest companies have the largest budgets so we see the leading job boards appear on the first few pages for most job or vacancy related searches.

Careers sitesJobseekers will often look at specific companies careers sites, whether they work for a competitor, have found you online or been told about you then jobseekers like to engage with a company directly and find out more about your business and brand. Itis important to offer potential employees an insight into your business and also have your live vacancies online.

Social media – More and more jobseekers are following their favourite companies on twitter, face book and linked in; enabling companies to promote their vacancies direct to the jobseeker creating instant awareness. There are also specific twitter job feeds which jobseekers are using instead of job boards.

Challenges of online media

Where to advertise

With so may job boards and options available to the employer then it can be difficult to make a decision on where to advertise and spend your £. Budget Recruit works with multiple channels and can help advise on the best approach. Job boards are proven to deliver one of the strongest ROI’s and can be the quickest and easiest to set up.

The right message

It is essential that you are communicating the right message when recruiting, your job advert needs to highlight exactly what the role is, who your company is and ensure it is compelling, driving a response, which in this case is an application. Our expert consultants can work with you to write your advert copy ensuring it maximises response for you.

Managing response levels

With jobs being more accessible to the jobseeker community it also means that the volume of applications for each job is increasing, this combined with the ease of application and the current economic climate means that companies are receiving high levels of applications. Often this can lead to its own challenges in managing the jobseeker response and filtering out the irrelevant applications.

Using an online recruitment partner such as Budget Recruit can cater for both of these challenges as it enables companies to advertise their vacancies across a platform of the leading job boards ensuring their adverts are seen by a large number of relevant job seekers but the responses are also filtered ensuring you see only the relevant candidates saving time and money.


It’s important you partner with a brand that will truly represent your business in the marketplace and can work with you to communicate the right message about your brand and role, delivering a positive customer experience to both the applicants and yourselves. Budget Recruit prides itself on not only delivering the very best value in advertising your jobs online but also in achieving this through great customer service.

To find out more about how Budget Recruit can help you attract and recruit the right talent then have a look at our products and pricing or get in touch.

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