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New Talent Management and Applicant Tracking Software Launched

Published on 2/7/2013

Budget Recruit are in partnership with Resourcing Pod, an innovative new applicant tracking system and talent management software, which has been recently launched. After 12 months in development, various stages of beta testing and fine tuning to make the finished product, Resourcing Pod is now officially offered to customers.

An advanced applicant tracking and talent management system, Resourcing Pod is the ultimate piece of recruitment software to combine all the necessary elements of an effective recruitment campaign, and analysis during and after.

Stephen Rundell, Director at Resourcing Pod, commented ‘We are delighted to announce that Resourcing Pod is now officially launched after a lot of hard-work and gathering important feedback from our customers. Resourcing Pod is an innovative piece of recruitment software which will provide clients with a one-stop talent management system to provide the most effective recruitment methods. We are really excited to offer this new and exciting product, as we believe it will make a lot of internal recruiters’ lives easier, the candidate experience smoother, and cut down recruitment budgets’.

Resourcing Pod Sales Manager, Tony Goonan, noted ‘The companies which integrate the latest technology into their recruitment strategies will have a clear advantage over those that do not. It is increasingly becoming an emerging theme in HR discussions how the latest technology can be utilised effectively. Everyone is looking to cut-costs, but our advanced system allows you to do this whilst also increasing the level of talent attracted and improving internal efficiency’.

If you are interested in finding out more, don’t hesitate to visit Resourcing Pod’s website at where you can book a free online demo.

How to Write an Advert

Published on 2/7/2013

Getting the advert right for your job position is extremely important if you want the best return on your investment. It is the sales window to a job role, and the first point of contact with new talent who may be interested in joining your company. There are many things you need to bear in mind when creating compelling copy and optimising the advert so it gains more exposure on the internet. Below we provide some starting points to improve your advert for best results.


Important Information

Job Title – Need to be relevant to your target audience. Alter your job title if your company’s internal title is different from the ‘common’ title usually given in the marketplace.

Location – A job-seeker usually looks between 10 and 20 miles from where they live, or they may look for a specific town/city.

Job Type – Make sure you are clear whether the position is contract, permanent, or temporary.

Salary – Important to include this, as a lack of accurate salary information is the second biggest frustration for candidates applying to positions online. You don’t want to waste a candidate’s time, or your own.

Advert Copy

The first 50-60 words are the most viewed, so this first paragraph should encourage the candidate to continue reading, and should also include all of the critical information outlined above (many people receive job email alerts with the first snippet of the advert)

Make the copy easy to read and above all engaging. Use language that your target audience would use. Try to use short sentences, as one big paragraph is hard for the reader to digest.

Engage the reader by referring to them as ‘you’ or ‘your’ etc. This helps people to visualise themselves in the role. Also, emphasise what is unique about your company or the role.


Jobseekers search by keywords (usually job titles and locations) so it is important that your advert is optimised to reach the maximum number of relevant candidates.

Location – research what locations the role is realistically commutable from, and include them in your job copy. This will help your advert show if a candidate searches for a nearby location.

Title – as a rule of thumb, it is good to include this 5 times. Also include relevant job titles (e.g. if your position is for a Sales Manager, it may be a good idea to include the keyword ‘Business Development Manager’ in the advert copy)


Budget Recruit offer cost effective advertising campaigns across the leading UK job boards. You can enhance your advert further by using our Advert Writing service, utilising an expert copywriter and enhanced job-board optimisation techniques. Contact us today if you are interested in using our services.

Employee Profile – Matthew Ledger

Published on 2/7/2013


Name:Matthew Ledger

Position: Account Manager

Length of service: 12 months

Average NPS Score: 8.7/10


What does your position entail?

Managing my current clients’ recruitment advertising strategy, and speaking to potential clients about how they could reduce recruitment spend

What do you enjoy about working at Budget Recruit?

I get to speak to new people everyday and have also forged great relationships and friendships with many of my clients

What has been your biggest achievement whilst working at Budget Recruit?

Reducing the recruitment spend of 7 new clients by 75% in 1 month

What has been your biggest challenge?

One of my clients wanted to maximise their advertising campaign’s exposure to geographically targeted graduates. As a free of charge service, I personally contacted the relevant universities and successfully distributed the advert to their career’s service job-boards. The client successfully filled their roles as a result

How do you ensure your clients receive the best service?

Always maintaining good and consistent communication and treating every customer equally – no matter how big the account may be

If you were to travel around the world and could only make three stops, where would they be?

Australia, Las Vegas and Thailand

What do you do with your free time?

I enjoy going to the gym, playing football and taking my dog for long walks

What is your dream car?

Audi R8

Job Board Profile – CV Library

Published on 2/7/2013

CV Library is the leading independent job-board in the UK, and is also the fastest growing CV database in the market with nearly 6.5m live CVs. The site advertises an average of 70,000 live jobs in over 70 sectors, and attracts 10.5m job searches and 1.4m applications per month. More candidates than ever are searching for CV-Library directly, resulting in their brand awareness increasing by 39% year-on-year.

The company recently moved their TV advertising online to 4OD to encourage online engagement with professional job-seekers – engaging with them when they are relaxing at home in-front of their computer. They also won Best Career Site at the Website of the Year Awards 2012 – a people’s choice award which included 192 other websites. CV Library received the best average score on content, navigation, design and likelihood to recommend.

Budget Recruit’s advertising packages include CV Library, as well as the other leading job-boards TotalJobs, CV-Library, Reed, and Fish4 Jobs. Contact us for more information.

The Power of Employer Branding

Published on 26/3/2013

What is a brand?

Originating from the act of hot iron stamping to distinguish one rancher’s cattle from another (ouch!), branding is defined as a symbol, a name, a logo, a term, or any other feature which distinguishes one seller’s proposition from the next. Branding is the personality which defines the company and its products and services, and customers can associate brands with thoughts, feelings, experiences, beliefs, and attitudes. This kind of symbolism, or brand image, is a living asset: something that grows, changes and develops.

Branding is hugely important, and some of the biggest companies have the best brands out there based on strength, financial performance, and decision-making influence: Coca Cola, Apple, Google, Disney, BMW, McDonalds, to name a few. Some of the most valuable brands in the UK retail industry, as defined by Interbrand, include Tesco, Marks & Spencer, and Boots.

Employer Branding

Employer branding is much the same definition, but directly relates to a company’s reputation as an employer, both to potential and existing employees. Of course every company wants to be known as a great place to work. Employers want to promote their brand power, engage their employees, and increase their credibility. A strong employer brand cannot only attract the best talent into the company, but can also cut costs, letting your brand do the work for you. And it goes without saying that better talent within the company produces tangible economic return.

Is employer branding still as important when unemployment is high and there is a perceived abundance in relevant skill-sets for employers to choose from? Of course it is. The best businesses are still competing for the best talent on the market. The CIPD suggest that in uncertain times, it is important for organisations to motivate existing employees and make themselves appealing to future talent. And also, given the uncertain environment we are currently operating in, companies need to tempt candidates into key roles, away from positions they consider to be ‘safe’ in their current places of work.

Utilise your brand

So how can you utilise your employer brand and convey the message you want across to the right people? Using branded online candidate attraction campaigns across the leading job-boards can promote your brand to the best talent on the market.

It is essential that employers brands are used when attracting the best talent. Many companies pay agencies a huge amount of money to get the best talent, when many don’t realise that their own brand advertised through the right mediums in the correct way can do most of the leg-work for them. Budget Recruit support companies build their employer branding and create the best media strategies to be utilised.

Branded adverts receive on average 200% better response rates than non-branded ads. Combine this with the right content creation, utilising advanced NLP techniques to portray your company’s visions and values in an appealing manner, and you have a great combination of maximum attraction and maximum quality. Get in contact to discuss how we can help

Huge Investment into Leading Job Boards

Published on 21/1/2013

No time like the present

There has never been a better time to advertise your jobs online. The major job boards have all recently invested in advertising campaigns to boost their application rates:


CV-Library recently launched their largest offline marketing campaign yet, with the aim of attracting new applicants, but also re-engaging with existing customers. The campaign includes adverts on television, leading gym chains, the London Underground, and train stations. CV-Library predicts that around 150,000 new CVs will join their already huge database of 5.5 million CVs in the month of January. The experts at CV-Library also believe that the site will receive an estimated 1.2 million online job applications this month, making it a great time to advertise your job online.

Much like the competition, Totaljobs also have a TV advertising campaign running from the 3rd Jan to 21st Jan, which will reach 76% of adults in the UK, an estimated 37.7 million people. The campaign will be targeted on mainstream terrestrial, digital and satellite channels. Totaljobs also combined this with an outdoor advertising campaign which rang from 26th December to 13th January and believe that around 54 million people will have seen their outdoor ads.



As we can see, the online job boards are investing huge amounts of money into advertising their brands to bring new customers to look for jobs online, but also to re-engage those customers who may have used their site in the past. By utilising online recruitment methods, you can tap into this huge resource of talent.

Online recruitment is seen by many to be the future of recruitment. 85% of jobseekers now look for jobs online, and the average jobseeker will actually utilise 4 job boards to find the ideal position. Why not take a look at our <link>online recruitment products<link> which utilise the brand power of all the leading online job boards at the same time – so you don’t have to decide which one to go to!

Flat Fee Recruitment / Online Recruitment – Fact 2

Published on 29/11/2012

Question? – When adverts are fully branded using my logo will I get a better response than if they are unbranded by an agency?

Answer – YES, absolutely, you will get on average a 200% better response.

Candidates like to know who they are applying to work for so show them the logo is our top tip. You may have to pay more but it is worth every penny so we always advise this.

  • Not everyone will apply to a job when they don’t know the identity of the recruiting company
  • Passive/active jobseekers are very selective so generic adverts and agency adverts aren’t viewed
  • By using your brand, you are promoting yourself as an employer of choice, adding a level of authenticity
  • Use the power of your brand to get the best quality and / or volume of talent
  • Increase the chances of filling the role
  • Applicnats will already be engaged with your brand

A flat fee recruitment agency should advise you of this and can help you ensure your advert is seen by the biggest talent pool and gets the best response.

Flat Fee Recruitment / Online Recruitment Facts

Published on 29/11/2012

Flat Fee Recruitment / Online Recruitment – Fact 1

Question? – How many jobseekers are actually looking online?

Answer – The latest research shows that over 85% of jobseekers are now using online methods to look for a job.

This demonstrates that for the majority of positions you are recruiting for it is important that online recruitment should be a key part of the strategy.

  • If you are not promoting your jobs online, then the biggest talent pool of jobseekers don’t know your job exists
  • You won’t have the pick of the best talent
  • This also means your competitors who are online will get the best people before you
  • Online increases awareness, improving your chance of filling the role quickly with the best candidates

A flat fee recruitment agency can provide you this platform on either an adhoc or a consistent basis to ensure you are tapping into the biggest talent pool quickly and cost effectively.

The Evolving Recruitment Landscape

Published on 29/11/2012

Apparently almost one in five people who got married in the last three years met online. In fact, online is the third most popular way of meeting a partner, after meeting through a mutual acquaintance or at work or school.

So how does it work for that other important, long-term relationship in our lives? the one between employers and employees. Unsurprisingly, these introductions are also starting to be made online as well, with a new layer of candidate attraction service providers emerging to use the internet to improve the way we recruit.

There is no denying we are more connected now than we have ever been – thanks to digital and social media. And this connectedness plays a vital role in the world of recruitment.

According to online recruitment site, two out of five companies use social networks to research candidates. Of these, 34 percent have not hired someone based on what they saw, while 29 percent have decided to hire, someone thanks to their social network presence.

Of the companies who don’t use social networks as part of their recruitment process yet, 11 percent plan to start, says the report. The social networks that these companies are using to check up on potential employees are Facebook (65 percent), LinkedIn (63 percent) and Twitter (16 percent).

As jobseekers, our ability to tap into these networks is greater than ever before. We now have the ability to directly approach dream employers, get the inside scoop on upcoming vacancies, and hopefully bypass the whole CV, covering letter, endless wait usually associated with the recruitment process.

A New Dawn – Flat Fee Recruitment

As well as this informal use of social networks to find jobs, or employees for that matter, a new breed of rapidly growing and increasingly popular  recruitment services have sprung up to fill the gap between ad hoc networking, recruitment agencies and wading through a deluge of inappropriate direct applications.

Flat Fee Recruitment (or fixed fee recruitment as it is often called) is a service which is performed for clients for an agreed and fixed up front price. The pre-established set fee ensures that the recruitment process falls firmly within budget and similarly; those organisations who are looking to fill more than one role don’t have to pay any extra if they chose to employ any number of candidates sourced from the campaign.

As Flat Fee Recruiters, Budget Recruit provide bespoke and cost-effective campaigns tailored to meet your needs, if you would like to discuss your needs with one of our team, please contact us on 0808 147 1990 or alternatively visit


How many CV’s can I expect from a Flat Fee Recruitment agency?

Published on 29/10/2012

This is a good question, but a very difficult question to answer. The volume of response you receive from your flat fee recruitment agency will depend on a number of factors and can be anything from 50 – 1500.

Job Boards used – The number of responses will depend on the number of job boards your vacancy is advertised across, the types of job boards and the power of those job boards. The largest job boards will generally gain the largest response such as totaljobs, monster, jobsite so if these are being used then you will get a larger response than others.

Type of role – The more niche a role is then the lower the number of people who will be looking for a role like this so the more specific a job is and the higher the salary then often the lower the response.

Job Title – If you are using a common job title then you will receive a greater response as jobseekers will find your vacancy online and thus see it and apply, if you use an obscure job title which is not common in the marketplace then you will get lower response as candidates wont see your vacancy when searching.

Salary – Vacancies which pay competitively in comparison with other similar job roles will always get a better response than if they are lower paid. If you hide the salary from the jobseeker then you will normally receive a lower response as jobseekers are put off from applying to something they don’t have all the detail of.

Location – This hugely affects the level of response as different locations have different size of candidate capture i.e. city or small town, also certain areas have higher unemployment, different sectors and skills are more prevalent in certain areas

Advert Optimisation – Your advert is competing with other similar adverts to get the same jobseekers to apply, It’s essential that your advert is optimised to ensure it is as high up the search ranking as possible to get the most exposure and get the best response.

Using your brand logo – Jobseekers like to apply to work for an actual job with a company and so many jobseekers are put off applying for generic adverts advertised by a recruitment agency or flat fee recruitment agency. It’s important to get the best quality response to use your logo and name when advertising so ensure your flat free recruitment partner do this for you.

Advert quality – Content is king, ensure your advert tells the jobseeker who you are as a business, what the job is, why they should join, what’s great about your business thus creating reasons for them to apply.

Filtered response – Some vacancies receive huge levels of response, a recent role we advertised for a client attracted 1200 applications. This created a huge amount of admin so they asked us to filter the response for them based on a detailed brief with the end result being that they received 10 CV’s but they were of the highest quality.

Your account manager will be able to advise you on the correct package to ensure you get maximum exposure for your role and we do everything we can to attract the right quality and volume of response.

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